Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs: How To Make Perfect Eggs?

Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs

Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs: How To Make Hard Boiled Eggs in Instant Pot Using The 5-5-5 Method?

The 5-5-5 method is simple to recall off the top of your mind! five minutes of pressure cooking, five minutes release, then five minutes cooling.

Are you without An Instant Pot? It is possible to modify it to use an electronic pressure cooker.

You’ll Need These Ones to Make Hard Boiled Eggs in An Instant Pot:

  • One cup of water: Pressure cookers require liquid to function correctly. The eggs don’t belong in the water. You’ll put the water at the bottom of the cooker.
  • Eggs: Make sure to use large eggs for the best results. Additionally, you can cook up to a dozen eggs at one time.
  • Instant Pot or Pressure Cooker (6 or 8 quart):
  • Stackable Egg Steamer Rack (It can hold 6+ eggs), or Steamer Basket: The model you choose will depend on the one you own. Instant Pots come with a lightweight aluminum rack or a steamer basket. The basket is used for cooking eggs.
  • Trivet.
  • Slotted Spoon for Transferring.

Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs | how to hard boil eggs in instant pot

6 Easy STEPS To Make Perfect Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs [Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs 5 5 5]:

Step 1:

The first step is to put one cup of water into the pot inside your 6-quart or 8-quart Instant Pot.

Water is essential to produce steam that will pressurize the cooker during your cooking.

Step 2:

Then, place an egg steamer or trivet on the rack into the Instant Pot.

Put eggs onto the rack, then shut the lid. Adjust the steam release valve to the sealing position.

Press the “Pressure Cook,” or Press the “Manual” button and adjust the cooking time to five minutes at high pressure.

Step 3:

The Instant Pot will require some time to reach the pressure before cooking.

It can take around five minutes for a 6- quarter-quart Instant Pot to reach pressure and around nine minutes for 8-quart.

Once the Instant Pot is at pressure, the float valve will open, and cook times will start by counting down on display.

Step 4:

After the cooking time is over, The Instant Pot will sound several times.

If you’re using a 6-quart Instant Pot, let the pressure naturally release for five minutes while letting the pot alone.

I would suggest setting a timer so that you aren’t tempted to forget! If you don’t, you’ll get overcooked eggs that have a dreadful green ring of yolks.

If you’re using an 8-quart Instant Pot, Make sure you immediately take the pressure off.

Step 5:

You can quickly release any remaining pressure by switching the steam valve towards the venting position using the handle of an extended spoon

“Be cautious because the steam that escapes is extremely hot.”

Step 6:

Watch for the steam to cease to flow and for the floating valve to close. Unlock the pot, and employ spoons or tongs to transfer eggs to an ice bath.

This is a bowl filled with cold water. Allow the eggs to rest in the cold water for between 5 and 10 minutes before peeling them off.

If you prefer soft-boiled eggs, set the time for 4 mins instead of five minutes. Quickly let the pressure go, and do not forget the freezing bath! This will result in an egg yolk that’s generally fluid.

Instant Pot HARD BOILED EGGS Using The 5-5-5 Method: How To Hard Boil Eggs in Instant Pot?

Which Pressure Settings to Use for Hard-Boiled Eggs in the Instant Pot?

The eggs were cooked at high pressure within an Instant Pot. The setting for an IP can range from 10.2 to 11.6 psi.

Some pressure cookers with electric motors have the “egg” or “steam” setting, but we’re not using this here to keep things simple.

Using high pressure, an automatic setting is sure to cook eggs with perfection; don’t worry.

How to Peel Instant Pot Eggs Hard Boiled?

After cooking your hard-boiled eggs with your Instant Pot, knowing how to peel a hard-boiled egg can save you lots of headaches.

We suggest using a spoon for separating the egg from its shell and then peeling off the cracked hard-boiled egg using your hands while running cold water or shaking the hard-boiled egg inside mason jars with water (it will fall off!).

How to Store Instant Pot Hard-Boiled Eggs?

It is possible to store eggs that have been hard-boiled either in their shells or cut into pieces.

In either case, store them within an airtight container inside the fridge to keep them fresh and ready to be eaten no matter if you like the plain taste or want to transform them into egg salad.

To Reheat Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs:

  1. Peel egg.
  2. Cut in half.
  3. Place in a microwave-safe bowl.
  4. Heat to 50% for 10-second intervals until warm.

How Long Instant Pot Hard-Boiled Eggs Last?

Eggs that have been hard-boiled in their shells last up to one week in the refrigerator (making the preparation of eggs deviled that much simpler).

If you cut the hard-boiled egg, be sure you eat it within the next day.

How many eggs are you able to boil in an instant pot?

The exact amount will depend on the size of the Instant Pot you have. We put a trivet inside the pot and then the most eggs possible on the rack. They have egg racks that will hold approximately 6+ eggs.

However, they also have racks stacked to hold more eggs. We’ve managed to fit around 8-10 eggs in our Instant Pot and have had satisfaction.

Why would you place Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs in the ice water?

The concept of placing eggs in cold water helps the eggs peel more efficiently and help prevent the yolk from becoming discolored.

The sulfur causes the odd color around hard-boiled yolks in eggs’ whites and iron in the yolk. Placing warm eggs in cold water slows the cooking process and stops the discoloration.

These eggs have a green ring, why?

It usually results from boiling the eggs or cooking them in excess time. Also, excessive amounts of iron may be present in the water used.

Can I put Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs in a freezer?

I wouldn’t recommend freezing eggs cooked since the whites will turn sticky if frozen.

What do you make with Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs?

Once you have the perfect instant pot hard-boiled egg, it is possible to store eggs inside an airtight container and use them for breakfast on the go.

You can also make egg salad, add eggs to a salad of lettuce and make a deviled egg, potato salad, or an egg casserole. There are a lot of our top choices!

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Instant Pot Hard-Boiled Eggs Tips:

If you’re deciding on the best way to cook an egg, consider the egg’s age: Older Eggs will be better with hard boiling, while fresher eggs are ideal for other cooking methods like scrambling and frying.

Be aware of what size you have for your eggs before setting the cooking time for your Instant Pot. If you have large eggs, set the cooking time to seven minutes.

Likewise, If you have large eggs, make sure to set your cook time at 8 minutes. You can cook any size egg!

Be sure to make sure to fill your steamer basket with eggs that are just enough to fill it up, but not more.

In case you overfill your basket, you run the possibility that your eggs will not be cooked evenly (or perhaps crack!) when cooking.


  • There is the option of using as little as one egg and at least 16 eggs within a 6-quart pressure cooker.
  • I have found it ideal for peeling eggs straight out of the bathwater, and the shell peels out beautifully each time.
  • To prevent eggs from cracking while cooking, allow your eggs to cool to room temperature before the pressure cooker.
  • Always make use of cold Hot, warm or cold water to alter the cooking duration.

Nutrition of 1 Instant Pot Hard-Boiled Egg:

Calories:Protein:Fat:Saturated Fat:Cholesterol:Sodium:Potassium:Vitamin A:Calcium:Iron:

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